Australia Post - Benefit & Retirement Calculator

Re-design of Australia Post retirement website and tools.

The Brief

Velvet Squid was contracted to create a set of wireframe mockups to help improve the existing Benefit & Retirement Calculator used by Australia Post. The existing tool was very dated, and was causing staff many issues, which were due to the poor user experience. The goal of these wireframes were to show how simple and fast it could be to completely overhaul the user-flow, gather more relevant information, and allow staff to really dig into the data and maximise their return.

Client:Australia Post

Date:23 February, 2015

Type:Website, UI, UX.

The client was looking to redesign their staff portal for accessing their retirement and benefits information. The challenge was to condense and simplify the data into as few pages as possible and still have a clear user journey.

These wireframes were the result of user testing and revisions both internally and externally. The success of this project was it's ability to remove all the confusing steps and bloated content and strip the tool back to it's core objective, all while keeping the user informed at each stage.