Tyroe - Applicant Tracking System & Portfolio Service

Recruitment SAAS product used by studios to find junior artists.

The project required a great deal of wireframing, workflow design, and prototypes. Intial concepts and workflows were fleshed out using Photoshop and good old pen/paper. From here Photoshop concepts were developed for all usertypes and uploaded to InVision to create working mockups. Full working HTML prototypes were developed for the Software Developer brief.

Custom built recruitment application

Recruitment Simplified

Fully compatible and stable

100% Mobile Responsive

Unqualified Applicants

Wasted time sifting through applicants applying for jobs which they are clearly unqualified.

No Team Feedback

Key stakeholders involved with candidate selection are often too busy to review applications.

Volume of Applicants

Not enough time or resources to respond to all applicants or provide some form of feedback to help them.

Juggling Websites

Submitting jobs and managing applications coming in from company website, job boards, and forum

Data Entry

Adding candidates to a database, sifting through feedback from staff, and manually inserting notes

Rejection Process

The uncomfortable process of informing applicants they were not selected for the job opening

Advanced portfolio building system

One-page member portfolios