Community for car enthusiasts.

Short description.

The challenge

Working to an insanely tight deadline and a client that had limited web experience.

Key components


The client required a strong automotive brand for the website. The dark palette and metallic finishes really struck a chord.


The vision and concept for the site was delivered early, frequently, and interactively to help keep the client informed and involved.


The final deliveries includes corporate branding, concept art, wireframe sketches, and a full working prototype hosted on their own server.

Client:Motorist Pty Ltd.

Date:02 August, 2014

Type:Branding, Website.

The client was looking to enter the car enthusiast market by creating a platform for people to showcase their own cars. Pitched as a "Facebook for cars", the client needed help with the overall concept, design, and systems required to pull off such a community.

The project involved handling everything from branding through to a working prototype. The most interesting and complex area of the build was creating an engaging, yet simple, profile page for each member.