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Whether it's updates, security, performance problems, theme & plugin issues, we're here to help.

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Stop worrying about your Wordpress site. You need to focus on your business instead of worrying about Wordpress updates, security, performance issues, and theme & plugin bugs.

Over the years our team have developed a range of in-house to make sure our client websites are safe, secure, optimised, and backed up perfectly.

If you want peace of mind, then simply select one of our Wordpress Care packages and stop adding to your workload and daily stress.

The Ultimate Wordpress Care Package.

Stress Free

Automatic Backups

Backups are the backbone of a successful Wordpress website. Automatic backups are just the next best thing.

24/7 Monitoring

Anything can happen online. This is why your website is monitored for any abnormal behaviour and downtime.


People want content quickly. A slow site can ruin your business. Let us give your site the boost it needs.


We protect your website from online threats with our enterprise-grade Website Application Firewall (WAF).

DDoS Protection

We ensure your website is protected against DDoS attacks using our advanced service.


We use one of the fastest DNS services. It is global, powerful, and always secure.

Time Machine

We give you to power to revert your website to any date that it's been live. Now that is impressive power.

Hack Cleanup

It's a sickening feeling, but it happens.

Restore Site

We backup you site locally, remotely, and on the cloud. We can restore versions from all locations.

Wordpress Support

Need a little help with a plugin? Trying to debug a problem but getting nowhere. We are your life line.

Software Updates

If you use Wordpress, you know it needs updating. Why not leave this to the experts and take it easy.

Fast Support

We understand the importance of good customer support. This is why it's our number one priority.

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