Casestudy - Designing a better small business website

This month our design team reviews and overhauls a highly reputable Sydney based dentist at

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Team review and scores.

First Impressions

The user experience was outdated, a little confusing, and didn't reflect the same quality of service as presented at the surgery.

  • Design


    Typical Layout and Design

    The design is very typical of a dentist website. Standard menu items. Lack of clear call to actions. Lots of text and stock photos.

  • Branding


    Safe and Suitable

    The logo design and general branding of the business is actually quite suitable. The logo can work at both small and large scale. The word "dentist" would benefit from standing out more from the curved shape to make it easier to read.

  • User Experience


    Confusing and Cluttered

    Customers have a goal when they find a website. They want to find out key information, determine if the service can be trusted, learn about the people behing the business, and make contact quickly and easily. This website attempts these goals, but makes a number of basic mistakes that hinders this goal.

  • Technology



    The website is built on a PHP framework which is a good solution. However, it could benefit hugely from a Content Management System like Wordpress to really take thing to the next level. The server configurement and lack of a cloud-based server is a concern. The speed is also a major concern.

  • Social



    The Facebook page is a good decision for this company, and it makes a great first impression. This is the most successful approach to contacting customers to offer deals and provide updates - excellent work.


Score 22/30

Optimising your website's performance is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads, and increasing revenue.


Score 25/30

Making sure your website is easy for users to discover — and easy for search bots to understand—with better page titles, headings, and meta descriptions.

Recommended Improvements

Web Development

Revamp website to improve first impressions. With so many similar websites there is nothing making this site stand above the rest.

Booking System

Upgrade contact form technology and use an integrated booking system to help convert customer leads.


Add a simple blog to help improve SEO ranking and attract organic traffic. Use this to help show the staff are Key People of Influence.

Design Concept

The designs below show a concept design that we feel would dramatically improve the online sales lead generation of potential customers. The key features include obvious call-to-actions, an advanced booking system, featured services, customer testimonials, success stories, and a price list that get's straight to the point.

Client:Casestudy - Designing a better small business website

Date:30 May, 2016


Having recently looked for a dentist in Sydney, I jumped online like everyone does. After a while I discoverd Casestudy - Designing a better small business website via a simple Google search. My first impressions were pretty typical of other competitor websites that I found.

My goal for this challenge was to design a fresh and engaging website. More importantly I wanted to implement a booking system, powerful customer onboarding tools, and provide a clear marketing plan for the business to leverage off.